Benworth Capital Partners, LLC

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Phone: 305-445-5223



Address: 300 Sevilla Avenue Suite 202 Coral Gables, FL 33134

States They Lend in: Florida


Type of Loans:


  • non-traditional mortgages
  • traditional residential mortgages
  • commercial mortgages
  • construction financing


Private Lending Guidelines


Purpose of Loan

•Purchase primary or secondary residence
•Acquire property to operate your business
•Invest in income-producing residential or commercial property
•Build a custom home
•Construct a small residential or commercial income-producing project


Loan to Value (LTV)

•Loan to value is a ratio used to assess the risk of a loan
•Loans must have a LTV ratio of no more than 65% to qualify for a Benworth Private Loan


Short-Term Loans


•Terms starting at 12 months

This may be the right solution for you if you are:

•Waiting for a lump sum payment from an investment, legal matter or sale of an asset
•Looking for temporary financing until another property is sold or leased
•Seeking to close on a transaction quickly to avoid competitive bids, secure a property or lock in an attractive price


Investor Loans:


Provides services to finance, acquire, manage and develop residential, commercial and income-producing real estate.

  • short-term, first-position residential and commercial mortgages
  • does not extend credit nor participate in land loans, second mortgages, mezzanine financing,
    re-financing of primary residences, or condo loans that are not Federal Housing Authority- (FHA) approved
  • proactively provides borrowers with appropriate credit counseling to help clients improve credit scores
  • escrows all loans for taxes and insurance
  • services all loans that are extended to borrowers in order to closely monitor asset quality


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  1. Marcie Laborde says

    Can you sale a house that you are renting to own????

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