Bay Mountain Capital

Address: 3710 Rawlins, Suite 1390, Dallas, TX 75219
Phone: 214-953-3188
Single Family - Wayne Corley Ext. 1
Multifamily/Commercial - Bryce Yamauchi Ext. 2
Underwriting - Sandra Thomas Ext. 3
Loan Closings - Marlen Arellano Ext. 4
Asset Management - Angie Arrington Ext. 5
Draw Requests - Jovana Dimas Ext. 6
Accounting - Danisha Patel Ext. 7
Loan Servicing - Rachel Jones Ext. 8
Finance, Legal & Investor Relations - Phil Sanchez Ext. 9
Office Management - Daniel Rojas Ext. 0

Residential Lending Terms

Purposes: Acquisition and rehab, expansion/remodel, value add repositioning, bridge to refinance, cash-out refinance, new construction
Loan Minimum: $50,000 in primary markets and $75,000 in secondary markets
Term: 12 months
Interest: 12% with a verified credit score above 620
Loan-to-cost : Up to 90% of purchase and rehab
Loan-to-value: Up to 60% of ARV
Lender Fees: 2-4% depending on term plus a processing fee of $945
Other Costs: Appraisal and any other third party reports that may be required
Property Types: Single-family, 2-4 unit residential, townhomes and condos
Qualification: Asset based, however limited financial information may be required
Closing: In most cases, we can close within one business day of having a complete, eligible loan file including clear title and a completed appraisal

Commercial Lending Terms

1st Lien (subordinate liens can be considered on a case by case basis)
Property Type: Office, Industrial, Retail, Mixed-Use, Flex, Hospitality, Multifamily, and Land
Lending Area: Southwest and Southeast
Interest Rates: Starting at 10% interest only
Lender Fees: 2-3 points (assuming 1 year term) plus a processing fee of $1,295
Lending Term: 6-12 months (extension options available at lenders discretion)
Yield Maintenance: Based on loan terms
Recourse: Full recourse (limited and non-recourse available on a case by case basis)
Loan-To-Cost Ratio: Up to 90% of cost
Loan-to-Value Ratio: Up to 70% of stabilized value

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