3 Steps to Supercharge Your Real Estate Results

Get Better Real Estate Results

Most people set goals, make resolutions and dream of a better lives for themselves. Unfortunately, the vast majority will never achieve those aspirations.  There are 3 simple steps that can be implemented to Boost Your Real Estate Results and perhaps propel you to reach your biggest goals. In this training, you'll discover these powerful steps, how to quickly apply them to your lives and instantly begin experiencing greater financial results. But make no mistake, they won't necessarily be comfortable for you to do. You'll have to break outside of your comfort zone but you're comfort zone will always equal your money zone. So execute on these steps and experience a breakthrough in your financial life!



These three steps will help boost your real estate results, so whether you're a creative real estate investor, a real estate agent, or any sort of entrepreneur trying to increase your economic productivity you're going to find this information incredibly effective. Now, none of these steps are going to be smooth-sailing for you. This is about increasing your productivity and breaking out of your comfort zone because your comfort zone will always equal your money zone. If you're in your comfort zone right now you're going to stay in that same muddy zone. If you breakthrough and get into the uncomfortable zone, you can move into a higher money zone.


Step 1: Take Responsibility


Most people do not like taking responsibility but it's a huge part of growing, of breaking boundaries at being more productive in life. You must accept that wherever you are today financially is all because of you. I know that hurts. You need to blame yourself. Don't get down on yourself,  but do blame yourself, and put the responsibility on you. That is the only way you're going to be able to grow.

Do not choose to blame other circumstances for your lack of success, like maybe you weren't blessed with the intellect to go get an advanced degree or you're not making a lot of money so you don't have a lot of money to invest in creative real estate, or you could even choose to blame the current market conditions.


If you are going through some difficult personal circumstances and struggling in many ways, you won't grow as a real estate investor, unless you take some responsibility. You must take accountability for the choices you’ve made or not made, the decisions you've made or not made, the actions you've done or not done, that has gotten to where you are right now financially. You are where you are because of the decisions and the actions you've done.

If you aren't as successful as you want to be, it's your own fault. By blaming yourself, you give yourself a chance at growth. When you blame others or outside circumstances, it keeps you from improving your circumstances.


Step 2: Opportunity Perspective


Now that you've taken responsibility you need to establish an “Opportunity Perspective”. Rather than looking at the difficulties, adjust your perspective and look for the opportunities. Don’t look at the world from the perspective that things are hard, look at those same situations as potential opportunities.




I know that sounds cliché but let me give you some concrete examples. There are currently limited deals available right now, due to the market being so hot.   The real estate prices are going way up and people are outbidding you. When you're selling houses there's multiple offer situations. Is that a difficulty, or is it an opportunity?
For one of our apprentices in Austin recently it was an opportunity. He thought the property would sell for 220. It ended up selling for 255, all cash, to a buyer that didn't even ask for an inspection and closed in eight days. He thought he was going to make 20,000, he made 55,000. Why? Because it's a hot market. If you're in a hot market right now that's a great opportunity when you can get to the deals before anybody else which can be done. Now this requires you to take responsibility that you may not know how to get to them, but if you have the perspective that it's an opportunity, you can see the world from a different light.

Accidental Potential

Another example has to do with the invention of one of the most important breakthroughs in medical history. There were two different people testing similar results in some sort of research project. Simultaneously, they put together these Petri dishes and about six month later they came up with the same exact problem, a bunch of bacteria. It was not what they were expecting.

Well, one of those people looked at it from a difficult perspective, and threw everything away. Meanwhile, the other person looked at it from an opportunity perspective and said, "Well okay. Six months down the drain, what can I do with what I've just produced?" His outlook resulted in the invention of Penicillin; the most important medical breakthrough in history that saved millions and millions of lives. When you come across difficulties in life, look at them as potential opportunities.

Short Sales

Back in 2010, 11, and 12 when we had a situation where short sales were taking forever to get accomplished and a lot of real estate investors were complaining and feeling defeated. We looked at it and said, "Well, how can this be of benefit?" What we discovered was we could rent the properties out if they were vacant.

If a property is a short sale, the mortgage is not being paid, and the bank is left paying all of the taxes and insurance. This means that all we had to do was rent it out and collect all of the cash flow. All because we looked at it from an opportunity viewpoint.


Learn from Others Mistakes and Victories


You need to look at your current situation, where you're located, and start asking yourself questions like, “How can my problems be an opportunity?" Sometimes, they may not be an opportunity; your difficulties may be full blown difficulties. Then you look and say, "Well, where are other people in my area making money? What are they doing?"

There's one thing I can guarantee you. Real estate is going to make money. Now, there are so many different angles and different niches but real estate is money in the bank if you know what you're doing. You can study what other people are doing and you can figure out based on what they're doing what’s successful or not successful. Think about it. We can look at public records, see what someone paid for the house and what they sold the house for.There are even photos of potential repairs that were done to the property. There's so many ways you can reverse engineer other people's success.


Opportunity Perspective

You have to view the world from an opportunity perspective and open your mind to where money can be made. Now sure, if you're working with a mentor that's a little bit easier but most reading this will never get to work with me or my team. I'm trying to give you some mentoring tips here even though you and I might never work together personally. Opportunity in real estate is all around you, no matter where you live. Regardless of what you may think, there are at least a few people making a fortune in real estate right in your own backyard.


Step 3: Massive Action


The more action you take the more you're going to learn. The more you learn the more distinctions you'll make to make better decisions in the future. So many people are scared to take action so they calculate and plan and then they see something that may not work perfect so they pull back. You MUST take action. Have you ever wondered why there's so many billionaires that never went to college? What is so special about those people? Well, one of the things they did is take big risks. While other people were in a classroom thinking about it they were out in the real world doing something about it.


Freedom Mentor


When you're out in the real world going after real estate opportunities, you're going to see things that other people simply do not see. It's been one of our huge distinctions as a Freedom Mentor organization. We go out and take massive action. You know what? We make mistakes. There's egg on our face sometimes and we're okay with that. Making mistakes and being wrong is okay with us because we're one step closer to a breakthrough. If something is difficult for a lot of people we look at it as an opportunity and take massive action in order to figure it out. We have made huge creative real estate breakthroughs that no one has discovered before.

Fear Inaction

We have proprietary techniques that nobody has ever come up with. We figured it out because we took massive action. Even when we made mistakes and looked like idiots, we kept taking action. Taking massive action puts you into the game, you're no longer a spectator. When you're in the game you will see things that other people don't see. If you see some potential opportunities act on them. It's okay to screw up, that's fine, just don't do anything Illegal or dishonest. Your biggest fear needs to be inaction and you want to avoid it at all cost. Avoid inaction.


Action Equals Better Real Estate Results


Go out there and do more things, try more things, and get out of your comfort zone. What that will do is break through and increase your real estate results. Again, if you have a mentor showing you what to do that’s obviously a safer and faster route. It shortcuts your learning curve tremendously but not everyone can be a part of our team or get help from another high-level mentor. If that is the case, the way you're going to supercharge your results is by getting out there and acting on opportunities because you have a different perspective, and because you've taken the responsibility that where you are financially right now is your own fault, but you're going to make changes.


Be Your Own Biggest Cheerleader


Don't beat yourself up. First you must take responsibility but then you need to be a cheerleader for yourself and say, "All right. I'm going to figure this out." When friends and family are giving you grief about how you have yet to become a huge real estate success, just keep charging forward, keep on taking massive action. While they're busy sitting on the couch complaining about how unsuccessful you've been, you're in the investing game, you're making moves, and you're going to be more successful you're going to achieve positive results, because you've been out there.

These are the necessary steps in order to achieve top quality real estate results. None of them are comfortable, none of them are desirable, but once you get to the other side you will  feel the difference.


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    Phil I love it I wanna do it but I don’t think have money

  2. Alberto T. Paule says

    my wake up call. The time is now.

  3. William Lanier says

    Always awesome information thanks.

  4. jeffrey doto says

    Super-duper video. Making mistakes has been the greatest learning tool ever, and it hurts twice as bad when everyone sees you make them…which means you most likely won`t do it again !!! Thanks again…wonderful stuff !!

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    and Happy New Year to you and yours.

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  9. JeremyFreeze says

    My goals are all in the bag and I value everyone’s imput. Today given hope by GODS grace yet again, I take feelings and set them aside for my own gain. I now have to do what’s in the best interest of my future. That said, I’m all in…. I give you my undivided attention! Please mentor, save this valuable asset. Thanks :/ Jeremy

  10. lol. You are a nut. Talk about FIRED UP. But, I do appreciate the excitement. You truly do get excited about RE. You’ve got me hooked. I’m gonna watch all your videos while working on leads to come up with my first deal. Thank you so much, Phil.

  11. Happy New Year Phil! Steve in Virginia Beach checking in.
    Wow, you’re a man on the move!
    Just stumbled across you on YouTube a couple of weeks ago. Heard your testimony and bought your books. Thanks for putting out so much free info with all of videos.
    God has done some amazing things to rescue me and my family from a couple of key stupid real estate investment moves that almost took us down back in the 06-08 crash range. These next couple of years are presenting some great opportunities for us and I have resolved to be far more educated than just a carpenter with a burn in my heart to succeed in re investing. God bless brother and I’ll be tracking with you guys in 2017!

  12. Hi Phil ! Would you have any further information on creative real estate investment strategies? Thank you for all your help over the years!
    Happy New Year to you and yours !
    Tom Harty

  13. Thanks phil. Great video, you must had super breakfast or lunch, lots of energy. You are one of the guys that is really passionate about what you do. No wonder you are very successful. The question I have is how do you address burnout? where you have a full time job, have some side real estate properties and the stress has kinda killed your motivation to make more money. I love to be part of ur team, but I’m looking to improve my overall time management, health, nutrition and stress management before I take on this incredible jurney that you offer. I know I’m very capable. We have a very hot market in California but my first goal now is to manage stress and get healthy. There are other mentors out there, but I don’t feel any of them, because they don’t sound real. Ultimately their hidden agenda is their benifit only, you come off much more genuine. Obviously, every one needs to make money, but the human factor of connecting with a personal touch is incredibly important, and most are missing this element. Thanks again phil, hopefully one day we can work together. Tony

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Wonderful question. Without increased productivity, you’ll never reach higher levels of income and wealth. The answer is actually quite simple to say; but will take a while to fully implement. You MUST master the “Getting Things Done” methodology invented by David Allen. And, you must master what Tony Robbins teaches in his “Personal Power” course. If you become a GTD master that has taken complete control over your personal power, you won’t lose motivation, you won’t get burned out and you won’t allow stress to slow you down. I demand all of my Apprentices do that. It’s mandatory.
      And NO! I didn’t have a power breakfast the day I shot this video. What you see on this video is how I am every day all day. Once you master GTD and Personal Power, you’ll be in the same boat.

  14. Carita Ebanks says

    Thanks Phil for the much needed boost and confidence building message.

  15. David Valderrama says

    Hey Phil….. Very encouraging. I’m trying to get something going in the wholesale field since I don’t have the credit to start the flipping. Love your tips buddy.

  16. Def. Inaction is my biggest fear I need to break through,and just take massive action,Thanks


  17. Jennifer speck says

    I have recently quit my job after 7 years of being there. What suggesrltions do you have for getting a piece of property without having a job for 2 years to get a loan. Since im starting over on jobs, i have lost the qualification of the longevity of being at the same job! Can you help please!!

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Don’t get a loan from a bank. Apply creative real estate investing strategies which avoid bank loans completely.

    • First Off Phil has the Best Real Estate Videos on YouTube so watch everyone of them like i have over the years

      What is have found to work great with No Money and No Credit are
      Subject 2 Deals , Subject 2 with Seller Carry back , Land Contracts

      (Rent to Own or Lease Options to raise fast cash you can easily make $3 to $10k in 20 to 45 days with zero cash or Credit i do these all the time )

      One of the easiest ways to control an Apartment building is with a ” Master Lease with Purchase Option ” key is to lock it up for at least 5 years if there is more than $2k per month in real Cash flow potential lock it up for at least 10 years and also make sure your option price is not above current market Value or will have a hard time if you want to flip it to a new investor also make sure all contract are fully Assignable so when you need or want to get out you can just easily Assign the property to a new investor for a nice Profit

      Once you learn the basics and have Basic Contracts ready start making No Money No Credit Offers to home owners in your area right away at least 5 to 10 offers a week most are going to say Go Away but some will gladly do a deal with you
      Keep in Mind Motivated Seller Only and Vacant or houses for Rent are Best also Distressed Apartment Buildings
      Start off with properties with in a half or less drive from your home or office because you will be driving these a lot more than you think
      Sometimes twice a day

      Ok Good Luck and God Bless

      Colonial Property Solutions LLC

  18. Nur Mohamed says

    I like this video. ..my job is my responsibility. ..

  19. So what action can I take, if I don’t have enough money to invest?… I keep hearing about the elusive opportunity that will bring potential partnerships my way. I have yet to see such an opportunity, let alone an investor that is open to working with me. I also hear a lot about wholesaling. That works when you have about 6 months worth of funds that could be used for marketing (each month being $1k to $2k)…. Which I don’t have. Also having 2 jobs makes it near impossible to make and take phone calls, and market the business. So what exactly can I do, other than posing my issues to non-responsive/wide eyed investors?

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    Thanks you guys, this kind of mentoring is very much needed for people like myself, so be looking out within the next 30 days for a update on my very first deal, it’s time to pull the trigger, see you soon. Vincent reed.

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    Billy and Heather Richardson

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