Resolve Funding

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resolvePhone: (303) 495-3414

Address: 5600 Arapahoe Ave Ste 200, Boulder, Colorado



States They Lend In: Arizona, Indiana, South Carolina, California, Kansas, Texas, Colorado, Missouri, Utah, Delaware, New Jersey, Washington, Florida, Ohio, Oregon, Wyoming, Illinois, Pennsylvania


Types of Loans


  • Buy and hold, convert to conventional loan
  • Fix and flip
  • Bridge
  • Cash-out
  • Commercial
  • Apartments 5 to 200 units


We provide financing for all business-to-business, non-consumer residential, non-owner occupied projects.
We do not offer loans for raw land or ground up builds.
Our Minimum loan amount is $250,000


Straight from the Source


Don’t be fooled by lenders or brokers who claim to have money and then leave you at the closing table without the money you need.

Don’t pay a fee to someone to find you funding because they “know people”. Often this is a scam.

Resolve Funding is the direct Lender, has the money in hand, and does not need to go to investors or a third party to raise the cash to fund your deal. Within this page we prove to you that we are the source, by showing you recent loans that we have funded across the country.

Below you will find several Deeds of Trust and Mortgages on loans that Resolve Funding has made. When reviewing this material, note that Resolve Funding is listed as the Lender on every deal, not some third party the loan was sold to.

Just come directly to the source – Resolve Funding.


Resolve Funding proves that we are the direct lender




• Up to 75% of acquisition
• Interest only payments
• No prepayment payments
• Extensions offered
• $250,000-$3,000,000
• Up to 36 months




We do not have a set pricing model, tell us about your project and we will provide you a written offer. Typical pricing for a 65% LTV for 6 months would be 9.95% and 2.45 points.




We make loans based upon the as-is value of your property on the date of the loan. Our underwriting is based on the current as-is LTV not ARV.


Building Costs


Need Money for Construction? Resolve Funding can help you with your build costs and offers draws.


Our Pricing


Resolve Funding offers risk-based pricing, and our financing solutions are customized to fit your business needs. You will see this in every term sheet, which will have three loan options. We offer choices on rate, points, term and loan amount.


Typical pricing

SFR fix & flip with a 65% LTV for 6 months would be 9.95% and 2.45 points, interest only and no prepayment penalty.


What are your typical rates and terms?

Rates range from 7.99% to 12.95% and points range from 1.95% to 4.95%
A 6 month loan with a 70% LTV would be 9.95% and 2.45 points
Broker fees are separate from fees above
Do you have Prepayment Penalties?
No, we do not charge prepayment penalties on our loans
What type of credit score do you require?
None. We do not pull credit reports or scores
How long does it take to close?
The average time to close is 8-12 business days
Do you lend to ARV?
No. We lend on LTV and not ARV.
How do you determine LTV?
We determine LTV through the current “as is” value of the property, based upon a third party valuation.
What is the typical LTV?
Up to 75% of the Current Market Value; most loans have an LTV of 60% to 70%, raw land at 50% LTV
Are loans for ground-up builds offered?
No. Resolve Funding will not do ground-up builds
Do you offer construction draws?
Yes, Resolve Funding is willing to consider smaller construction draws of $25,000-$150,000 to improve the property
How much money down do you require?
We require between 20-40% of the property’s current “as is” market value as down payment, personal funds, second position lender or additional collateral. There are several ways we can work with you to find “money down.” Often borrowers use equity out and cross-collateralization to reach the desired Loan-to-Value
Is there an appraisal fee?
Yes, of $535 for SFR. Higher costs for bigger projects. We will provide you a quote prior to ordering the valuation report
Loan Document Fees and Upfront costs ?
The only fee we charge is $250

Bridge Loans


Reduce our risk, and we’ll reduce your cost of capital.


At Resolve Funding, we believe that a 60 day bridge loan should be cheaper than a 12 month ground-up build. Similarly, a 50% LTV multifamily building in a primary market deserves cheaper pricing than a 70% LTV suburban retail shopping mall in a secondary market.



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