10 Tips for Buying Land

With all the competition for single family homes and the lack of available inventory, some real estate investors are moving to land as their next investing frontier. Meanwhile, some homeowners are looking to get away from the crammed subdivisions and buy some acreage in the country. Whether for investing purposes or for personal reasons, if you are considering buying land, you'll need to be equipped with the wisdom shared in this training to ensure you don't make a big mistake. While buying land may seem simple, in reality, there is a tremendous amount of details that you must consider that a single family home buyer never needs to even think about. This training will give you a crash course on land buying and provide you with tips that you will probably hear no where else.


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  1. Patrick Green says

    Great video.
    how does someone get into your training program?

    • Freedom Mentor says

      Glad you are enjoying the content. Have you considered making application to our Apprentice Program?

  2. Demetri Koutsopanagos says

    Hi Phil, first time I am watching and love it!

  3. Mylinda Justin says

    Hi Phil, many thanks for this great video! I just learned a lot of great tips from your video. May God increase your wisdom.

  4. Once the land is negotiated and the deal is made. How do I flip the land to make a profit?

  5. Robby Saint-Cyr says

    Thanks for the video. I am a new Florida land investor.

  6. Suresh "Sam" Sharma says


    Thanks for an enlightening video.

  7. CHANHEE LEE says

    I purchased vacant land about 10,000 sq ft in Bel Air, LA County California in 2016. I bought from the guys who purchased it from auction. My land is located on top of a cliff/hill and it has no access.
    I listed the land with a sales agent last year for 100k and got some offers but title insurance was an issue due to purchased from the auction. Now I listed for 36k but I don’t want to sell at that price.

  8. Phil, can you still earn a six figure income wholesaling Real Estate. Thanks, polly.

  9. Christine says

    Very good info, you covered a lot of critical issues.

    I actually bought 80 acres of pasture land in MO and sold after about 12 years for a very good profit, almost
    triple in value. All the time it was leased for cattle and the yearly taxes were less than $50.

  10. ALMEDA POWERS says

    Thanks Phil.
    This is really informative. I always enjoy listening to your informative topics.

  11. Denzel R Morgan says

    Hey Phil, great tips as always! Denzel here in Bend, Or. Bought a owner carry a year ago on 5 yr contract. Now finding the city (newer city) wants to make it part of the new downtown. I wanted to move my 426 SQ ft structure 50 ft and put on a foundation for financing. First they said that I would have to put in sidewalks! Now saying if I sign off easement of 11′ I won’t have to! Should I just wait them out and make them buy my 11′?? ( By moving house 50 ‘ from lot 4-5 to 7-8 it’ll open up 1-6 to do “something” with and finance it out. Thanks again, Denzel.

  12. Robert Gomez says

    Good info, Phil. Keep up the good work!

  13. WOW good to know for future. Thanks Phil

  14. Hi Phil,
    You stated that if your land does not have access to county maintained road you would not be permitted to install a septic system. Is this the case in most or all states? Or does this rule only exist in the place in Florida you were referencing?

    • Freedom Mentor says

      This is not only in Florida but is applicable anywhere you are evaluating buying land; investigate thoroughly.

  15. Thanks this is very good information.

  16. Hello Phil, I saw your YouTube video, and wanted to know about your apprenticeship program. I live in Tampa FL. What is the process & the cost?

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