How to Make Your Vacation Home Dream a Reality

How_to_Make_Your_Vacation_Home_Dream_a_RealityHave you ever dreamed of the day that you could afford your own vacation home? What if I were to tell you that it may be possible for you to make that dream a reality right now? How? By making a property in your favorite destination a vacation rental home investment that brings in more money than it costs! And the best news of all is that this is not a pipe dream. This is very doable. In the following video, you’re going to discover 5 powerful rules of thumb when buying a vacation rental home, the advantages, the disadvantages and several invaluable tips. Plus, you’ll get access to a complete tour of my personal vacation home so that you can collect ideas and model what I did. Here’s a training on how to make your vacation home dream a reality:


Here’s a sneak peak inside my vacation rental:


Here’s a summary of what you learned in the video above:

How to Make Your Vacation Home Dream a Reality


Rules of Thumb:


  • The legality of short-term renting.

The places that are the most ideal for vacation rentals tend to have a lot of hotels and tourism. These areas often have certain laws pertaining to short-term renting.
Short term renting is less than one month. (nightly, weekly)
Make sure you talk to a property manager or even the city itself, to find out the legality of short-term renting in that particular area.


  • You need either a long or more than one peak seasons.

Cape Cod: a popular vacation spot in the summer that sees no peaks in any other time
Lake Tahoe: Two peak seasons, summer and winter.
Florida Keys: long summer season


  • Track Record of Success

These sites have tons of vacation homes that have already been booked and reviewed.
This is how to establish an idea of what other people are saying about a certain area/community
Buy a property in an area people love
Less work for you


  • Great Property at Fair Price

I typically look for steals when finding a property, but if you want your dream vacation home in the right area, then you are going to look for a great property at a fair price.
Purchase the property with a traditional loan process: Real estate agent, mortgage, paperwork.
Harder to find creative deals




  • You can own a vacation home and not feel like you are blowing money on it.
  • It is an investment. It can make you money
  • Free Vacations
  • Enjoy today




  • Traditional Mortgage
  • Downpayment
  • Cost to furnish/upgrade
  • Balance your vacations. The peak weekends (Holidays, Labor Day) make the most money so you may want to give those up to renters.
  • Tenant’s trashing the place




  • Put a property manager in place to answer all inquiries on vacation home
  • Put property on Airbnb or Homeaway
  • Pick a nice place in a a nice area to attract the right renters
  • Remember there will be extra expenses
  • Crank up the marketing
  • Take professional photos/videos
  • Little things make a big difference.- bikes, paddleboards, etc


  1. Hey i like to work it but i don’t have any money and i got bad credit card so tell can I work it

  2. Do investors have to use a agent to draw up the contract or use a attorney

    • Phil Pustejovsky says:

      For new investors, it is wise to hire an attorney to help with contracts. Experienced investors can often be their own attorney in most instances.

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    I think this a great Idea. I will try it. I think you could title a video, “Your Homework”. There is work to be done.

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  5. As a investor can I buy houses and resale without putting the home in my name.i do have a license in real estate never used them

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