Real Estate Market Update

Our economic world is changing rapidly! Interest rates on home mortgages have skyrocketed. Inflation is raging despite recent interest rate hikes by the Feds. Gas prices are at all time highs. It's taking forever to get materials delivered. The stock market is on a 18% slide and dangerously close to a bear market. Many fear we are headed into a recession. What does all this mean for the real estate market and more specifically, what does this mean for creative real estate investors like you and me? Find out in this important real estate market update!


  1. Barbara Johnson says

    This is the very informative! I love that Phil includes GOD in all his endeavors! I am grateful to have this training

  2. Fabulously clear, and breathtakingly logical!
    Who knows, maybe even accurate as well…
    Keep the signal coming!

    Thanks, as always!

  3. Royal Davis says

    Hi Phil, I love your presentation. I could watch you all day long. Very informative and smooth transition from one area to the next subject.

  4. Dare Akoms says

    That’s some great info. Very brief but important in helping to take the right action for future sustenance in the coming market dynamics

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