Little Known Shortcut to Real Estate Freedom

Frustrated by how long it’s taking to achieve legitimate financial freedom from real estate? There is a shortcut thanks to a little known provision in the IRS tax code that was slide into the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. And there are 3 key components you'll need to have working together in order to make this shortcut work for you. Learn all the details here:


IRS Section 179 Tax Cuts & Jobs Act Changes




  1. Nathan Wright says

    Never met Phil. I’ve watched all of his youtube videos (I think) my passion is Real Estate investor. Phil seems to be by far the most legit.

  2. Phil, I do not know how to thank you enough. This was the knowledge I needed right in the nick of time…
    Thank you

  3. Luis J Alba says

    I never stop being amazed by his insights and the note he claims that his information is SIGNAL and not NOISE come to be true and no other that I have heard talks about the difference…maybe because a lot of the others ARE noise only. Thank you Phil

  4. Jeff Tyson says

    Hi Phil,

    How old is this video
    The little known shortcut to RE freedom?
    Does that still work now in 2022, or is there a different angle to take with the changing market?

    Thank you, great info

  5. Max Machnik says

    This guy is the smartest real estate investor I have ever seen.

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