Building Your Dream Team

No one achieves success on their own. In fact, the most successful investors have the greatest people around them. They have a dream team. After this lesson, you will have the knowledge to go out and build a dream team of your own.

The following audio was taken from one our mentoring calls that investors pay thousands to attend. Listen closely to discover how to build your dream team. You may even want to listen to it more than once.

Building Your Dream Team Audio ($97 Value)


  1. WilliamNancolas says

    After listening to the audio i was pondering why do i need access to the mls on the buy side, after a bit of thought i believe it is to get the comps, And then a idea struck me on how to get them, if i found a agent that was struggling with sales i could let them be the selling agent in exchange for the mls access, my? can i designate the selling agent using mls flat fee?

    Thanks Phil

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      OF COURSE a broke agent would want you to designate them. But that would cost you 3% of the sale each time. Bad idea.

  2. Intersting. It seems as if I am getting back into the mortgage industry, but not really. Using the same kind of people but doing business in a different way. I can see how needing an attorney and CPA is important. But, like you said, finding that one special attorney is key. CPA’s are every where and a bit more easy to come by.

  3. KwamenaOdum says

    Great information. I used it to complete my team this morning. I visited with the title company and met with one of the managers and I am looking forward to working with them. They are not owned by an attorney so I have to work with one they recommended to me. He also seems nice but I have not met him in person.
    I am surprised though that the list did not include contractor. Well I am still learning so please let me know why. Thanks.

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