Secrets to Successful Real Estate Investing

Here are some simple, yet powerful secrets to successful real estate investing.

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  1. So Phil, since I am probably not going to be using any of your program’s funding for a short sale, what would be the best creative way to fund the deal and flip it to an investor? Also keep in mind in regards to the question, that interest and points would be built upon using a HML during the time to look for a buyer. This very reason led me to create a cash buyer list in my area during the past couple of weeks categorized by their price ranges and property type, details and area sought for to minimize that liability.

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Most cash buyers lists grow stale very quickly and the only ones left on the list are the ones who cut wholesalers to the bone. Market for a buyer, once you get the new buyer locked in, use transactional funding to fund the first purchase.

  2. Hello Phil:
    What tools should I use to know the house market value?
    Do I need any permits or credentials to act as an investor to deal with the leander?

  3. is the bank the seller?

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Yes and no. The Seller is actually the owner of the property but in order to sell when a short sale is involved, the Seller must get final approval from their bank that they have their mortgage with.

  4. Hey, how can you put that property in the market when you don’t own the property?
    you said you don’t need to put any money, but then you don’t own, then you don’t have a right to put any ad in the market, isn’t it?

    can you explain it more?

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      When you have a Purchase Contract signed by both the seller, and you, the buyer, what is created, in legal terms, is “Equitable Interest in the Property.”
      Our beloved Constitution gives us the Right to Free Alienation of Property, or, said in plain English, the right to sell.
      So you have the legal right to sell your equitable interest…even if you don’t technically own it yet.
      Further, if your contracts are written correctly, you can have the seller give you the right to market the property in any manner you so choose.
      Good questions!

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