Real Estate Simplified

This video simplifies real estate into it's most fundamental element...motivated sellers.  The key ingredient to being successful in real estate is working with motivated sellers.  Discover what exactly is a motivated seller and how it is the secret to success with real estate investing.

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  1. Hi I’m in s Cl and can’t find cheap homes to flip. I just did my first flip and lost money. Hot market most deals are sold fAst.

  2. Hi Phil. I bought your audio book and have been listening to it earnestly. I have always wanted to become a real estate investor (for some years). How do I become a part of your apprentice program?

  3. Christopher Berggren says

    Hey Phil, just got this email video link and wanted to THANK you for it! I appreciate your energy and attitude about this business of real estate. I thought about ONE house for two years, hoping and thinking I could talk the person into selling. I tried but then I finally realized …they didn’t want to sell. They said they didn’t want to sell when I met with them but I did not believe them. Recently I became a believer and now, with your video, there is credence attached to my realization.

  4. Larry Konyha says

    As always you hit this one out of the park. What you say makes sense. Thank you for you good advice and information.

  5. Good Morning Phil. I found a one family home with 4 bedrooms and 2 bath rooms for $125,000 and still negotiable. It needs repairs amounting to $90,000.. Can I just flip this instead to apply for a mortgage to fix everything and what amount should I offer to the seller to sell this unit immediately? Thank you for your immediate reply.

  6. How do I sign up?

  7. Phil pustejovsky how do you find investors in your area. ive called some of the signs you would see on a cornor but they couldnt help.

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Get a great deal under contract, market for an investor buyer and watch the investors flock to you.

  8. thanks. can’t create motivation

  9. Hi Gwen,

    my name is Angee. I’m with a REI group that meets once a month in person in Flossmoor, IL (not too far from Merriville, IN). It would be nice to meet and share info on things that work (and didn’t) and maybe even partner on some deals in the future. If interested, please contact me. Thanks!

    Thanks Phil for this forum where us newbies can share and network with other REI!

  10. I have found properties, hard money lenders, but unfortunately I still need down payment cash. I was able to have a seller take back 10,000 due on sale on a 115,000 property that after 30,000$ of work could re-sell for 210,000. But still can’t get started. I guess I could try or just try to find a partner. Any suggestions would help.

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Get the property under contract and then flip to another investor. Take the quick nickel rather than trying for the slow dime.

  11. Hi Phil, I am located in Palm coast, Flagler County and I’d like to know if I am eligible to apply for your apprentice program because of my proximity to your own location.
    Do you have anybody in this area already..?
    Thank you for your free videos and book, they are excellent !

  12. Hi I need a mentor to build my business help?

  13. Hi Phil. First let me say that I think I can speak for the majority who follow you when I say you are such an inspiration to all of us.

    I am praying to get the money to get in on your apprentice program asap! I’ve watched (I believe) ALL of your videos and have pass your name to a group of 8 other newbies. This group and I formed our own REI Club just this pass January and meet every 2 weeks to work out and share our knowledge and skills. I am also a member of an REI Club in Merriville, IN. Although I’ve been trying to get my business off the ground since Sept 2013, and I’m hoping to finally have my 1st deal completed in 2wks or less.

    I know I need your program since all I have been able to achieve so far is learning from my mistakes when I “thought” I had a deal. It’s so true that you learn from your mistakes and a mentor is the key to avoid many if not all of them.

    The question I have for you or your team is if I have “2 RE Brokers” who are willing to work with me is this better than having a regular REA?

    I appreciate your response.


    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      You only need 1 real estate agent to help you and you don’t need them in the capacity that they think you need them. If that makes sense. You simply need MLS access. So you could use any old agent, not someone that is investing savvy. In fact, the best ones are the ones who are part time agents and don’t care about giving you their MLS username and password.

  14. Kyle Smith says

    Hi Phil I am a college student about to graduate and am going to jump into Real Estate full force once I am out and now I am just buildin a lot of knowledge and making a plan. I saw on your how to find Motivated Sellers video you said you can find Motivated sellers by looking on Craigslist and I want to know what are all the the other ways you can find Motivated Sellers and be successful in finding them? Thank you.

    Kyle Smith

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Myself, my coaching staff and my top students, combined, spend hundred of thousands each year to test out new ways to generate quality motivated seller leads. That wisdom is among the most expensive to acquire and it is always a moving target. We share what we glean from those tests with our apprentices only. If you would like, apply for my apprentice program.

  15. Id lkke to know more about contracts california specific for purchase as a wholesaler assingment of contract and about transactional funding. Also when you fill out a purchase agreement with a home owner what happens with the bank if rhey do not what anyone taking there house or if below value and it has equity and or not what happens with the bank.

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Having the right contracts is critical. We provide those for our apprentices. Alternatively, you can connect with a qualified attorney in California to build them for you. Transactional funding is a dime a dozen. The key is structuring the deal so that a transactional funder will work with you. And I do not understand your last question involving the bank.

  16. patrick morrison says

    it works im living rent free

  17. Gene Poston says

    Hello ,Mentor Gene Poston here.I am confused as to who I should work closest with in this business,should it be a Realtor or a real estate agent.And how do I go about finding one that is famillier with the techniques that we use?Thank you.

  18. I have no more funds just got my second car repo in one month no money no job. I lost a huge account in missouri, i was flipping rehab old ugly destress houses for pennies, for these guys, some still came under and under cut my prices, I came back to California my wife has been here living and i have been living in the mid west for three years, so i was paying two house holds one in california and one in missouri making over $20k month, now I make zero I am so depress, I know I can do wholesaling here but I act like if I don’t how or I just don’t know where to start, I have to some CASH BUYERS but I still act like if I’m in a frozen, green horn, I have all my ducks in a roll, like where to do A,B,C, closings, I ordered signs GET CASH NOW!! WE BUY HOUSES, but I’m still frozen. what do I do. Thanks Armando

    • michelle says


      I would dare to say it a fear of the same circle of prior success ending in you being back to a reality of the situation you are currently living. I am just fresh in real estate investing, studying the materials, and planning how to raise funds, finalizing my business plan an am eager to make not only myself but prayerfully mankind a new opportunity using real estate.
      Since you were, “making over $20k month, now I make zero I am so depress, I know I can do wholesaling and have not done one deal”. Did you keep up with where the expenses were going and being between yourself and the business? Did you file taxes correctly?
      But then, I am a thawing, greenhorn, if you feel like a frozen greenhorn. =) There is so much need for housing, whether renting, ,or buying and from experience providing shelter from one to high numbers demands money beyond the recommended 25-30% of income and some make a rule of thumb not to rent 2 someone w/o making 2-3X amount of rent and considering the amount of people that appear to seeking employment as well as shelter, which SHELTERS are real estate option. Also what type of numbers and goals did you set for the property?
      If I could see my way back to buying something immediately rentable or occupied with cash flow with the skills and connections you have, and my fresh thirst to rebrand the home business concept, I would be so blessed. Have you been exposed to any no money down techniques?
      Is the home still in your possession?
      That said, I pray you peace in how you choose to financially provide for your future.

    • Dear Armando,
      Peace , blessings and much prosperity to you. It sounds to me like you’ve got the know how and the wherewithal to make it happen, but may be feeling just a little temporary blockage. Maybe thinking too much about what you perceive as past failures. you must know that everything in the universe is conspiring for your ultimate good and the past events have brought you to where you are right now. I suggest you take some time everyday and sit quietly in a comfortable chair , perhaps by a window in silence and gently reflect on everything that good in your life, everything that’s working, and everything that you are grateful for. emerse yourself in an attitude of gratitude and the knowing that all is well. peace and love.

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