Real Estate Investing 101


This video gives you a basic, yet powerful overview of real estate investing.

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  1. Thank you Phil,
    Past is not equal to the future, present may change the future.

  2. Candace K Ross says

    I am interested but no idea what to do if I don’t have money

  3. Larry Taylor says

    Just finished watchings videos n signed up for mentor can’t wait to do this Phil

  4. Winston F. Togba says

    May 18, 2016

    Thanks for the coaching that has made this road easily to travel on – Phil P. I am studying everything and making use of every opportunity. Once again, say hello the fellow who call me and to my friend given me when I needed to start. There are many things to go through but I am not where I was when I stated – thank you Phil.

  5. Christopher Berggren says

    Very encouraging! I’m at the point where I’ve just got to go out and do a deal. Once that is done, than I will allow myself the luxury of a personal mentor. In the meantime, I’m looking at several abandoned properties in a relatively under-valued NYC neighborhood. Have enjoyed watching and learning from the videos I have seen so far; keep up the good work, Phil!!

  6. Gloria Jones says

    Hi Phil I believe in the freedommentor real estate class I’m happy I was on Utube at the time and caught your class you were teaching. For me it was a blessing in disguise.I know this is the answer to my prayers.I’m hitting these bumps in the road that are pressing. In the meantime I’m enjoying the EPartner Videos.I will continue to watch and enjoy them. I have the faith that my day is coming. I won’t give up.

  7. John J Dasare says

    Great video! I have one little question Phil; I have been thinking about putting the deal under my contract. I am not sure whether my customers will like it since they are not used to contract signing before selling. I have seen some of them running away from contract. Can I see the sample of the contract? John from TANZANIA-EAST AFRICA

  8. I’m in love with his you tube videos and the faces that he makes I am learning everyday from his video, so phil keep them coming cause I almost ready to go out there….just want to thank you…….

  9. thank you Phil for the great work you are doing. keep it up and May God give you more wisdom and knowledge in this area to bless more lives with this nuggets. I’m a real estate agent for Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. I have been following your lectures and read your book for the past one month now. I’m interested to know if I can become one of your student from this part of the globe, n be able to do deals via the freedom mentor programs. I do a lot of brokerage deals especially, house rentals, but my ernest desire is to become a successful real estate investor. I’m a full time real estate agent since, Sept.2013 but my income is not yet steady, it varies from month to month, and most banks they want a steady income to be able to lend money to LLC like my company. I come across nice deals in the course of business as an agent but I want to know how to tie them nicely so that I can benefit beyond the 1-3% commission. Just like how u did in your first deal with your mentor and many other deals you and your students have done. I want to follow the straight path, I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, I want to learn from u, n be able to achieve my goals and plans as well. Physically I’m in the rock now, that place where u first started, I”m willing, passionate about this business, I’m looking for a mentor to hold my hand up and show me they way.

  10. Thomas Costner says

    great video phil , i enjoy hearing about real estate from you , keep up the great work

  11. Brenda Barnes says

    Great video phil…you WERE homeless and now ur not. Well im distitute-pennyless
    To my name. What im doing now i should have done 20 yrs. Ago. Im 45 im not going anywhere real estate is it for me. Im mastering the skill and taking off! Im educating myself and coaching myself working on that first solid close. Il get there! Thank you for everything! Oh by the way. Location…im in atlanta,ga-top cities for real estate. Your right
    Location,location a must! Right now its rocky! Thanks- brenda

  12. Rabakwena says

    Mr Phil! there is one important questions that I want to ask you. Tell me if I want to be a Real Estate investor but I have plot in some pat of the country where I can call it prime area but I don’t have money to develop them what can I do? Also what is the meaning flipping a ‘house’? But then let me tell you that you video a helpful to me.

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      You can either lease the land to a developer, sell the land or go find a money partner who can fund the development you want to do on the land.

  13. I know my reasons for wanting to do Real Estate Investing.
    take better care of me…take better care of my family and friends
    and be that Blessing to anyone I want to help in life.

    Do what I want to do..when I want to do it…Stop surviving and start Living.

  14. Phil.

    I just wanted to thank you for this video. Its very inspiring and is something l needed to hear. I am setting my sights on where I want to be. And not where I am currently. Thanks again.

    • Brenda Barnes says

      You and i both know that im am rookie just starting out with
      Real estate investing by myself no mentor just my brain your videos and taking action. I had 6 deals. One passed, two back to back disclosures and the third one is still pending. I have had yet to hear from. I call, tex email i hear nothing. Im not giving up. It will pay off i know it will.
      Im a creative investor with hard money. I read your blogs where can i find a hard money lender? I need help..

  15. Thank you for the video. Please continue sending them, as I am so ready to start this venture. I’m starting from scratch and definitely need the mentorship!

  16. Thanks for those words of wisdom, I am a newbie and still searching for my path. I know with perseverance and focus I will soon land my first deal. I follow you on a regular basis and I will use the proceeds from my first deal to join your mentoring program. Thank you for sharing.

  17. wilhelmina jeffreys says

    good comments very inspiring i want to join your team

  18. Phil I live in San Diego but I plan to move to Atlanta Georgia in about A year. when should I start real estate now or when I move to Atlanta where house prices are a lot cheaper. I own a vending machine route now that puts off roughly 500$ a month.
    I am going to move the route to Atlanta. It’s less expensive there and I am more familiar with the area I am from Atlanta. What do ya think???

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      It’s better to begin your investing in the market you will be moving to. Perhaps you can start to lay the foundation for when you get there from San Diego?

  19. Wilmar Rivas says

    I would like to thank you for your professional advice and the noble interest you have in improving the well been and financial success of your fellow men. I am ready and willing to enroll in your mentor Program as a Investor (as a full time apprentice). I have seen and attended few other programs, but your charisma and Real Estate videos have convinced me that you are what I need to be a successful entrepreneur. I have been in the Industry for over 20 years and I have personally lived the ups and downs of Real Estate Investing. I now understand the importance of having a Professional Mentor to guide our road in a better and secure successful path.

    I will insist until I am accepted in your Free Mentor Program. I have the mental state and the positive attitude to be one of your successful apprentice. I will be in Florida by next week. If you required my presence, I can personally visit you in your Florida Office.

    Wimar Rivas

  20. Eric Volkers says

    Phil I like your videos they are very different then any I have ever seen and I like your style. I am looking for the right mentor in Los Angles they are almost impossible to find. I have worked for many people who are teaching real estate and I find out they are not even doing what they are teaching and they are charging money not even teaching relevant real world strategies that work in todays market. The people I do know that are doing deals are making a ton of money and are way to busy to teach me and or will not teach me since they are afraid of competition. I believe so far that there are niches in Los Angeles that do work but it changes so fast that unless you know how to adapt your competition might get the deal before you since they have a solid system and an unlimited marketing budget. You are awesome Phil Help :0(

  21. Andrew Zimmerman says

    Good stuff. 🙂

  22. Lorna Mattis says

    Thank you Phil everyone like myself need to start somewhere and that’s exactly what I am doing I thank God for your kindness for you to search your wisdom, and understanding with us newbies that don’t know the ropes. So thank you Phil I am getting ready for your next class, I am happy to know that I can turn to you as my mentor, and many more of your students I think feel the same way. God Bless

  23. erwin simangunsong says

    Great. I learn alot

  24. Awesome training

  25. Phil your right it is easy to do or learn a new business with a mentor to see u through

  26. This is awesome…..
    i really learn a lot…..
    i will be the boss of myself, an entrepreneur

    Thanks a lot

  27. I have been blown away phil I have been trying to start investing in realestate for years. One thing after the other has got in my way. Even that big mistake my first time around getting that partner and he always wanted the property that needed to be rebuilt. He never wanted to even think about buying something nice for great price in good neighborhoods that we could flip prety quick or rent for a good price. I like the efucation

  28. Lord the stress: I wont to learn wholesaling houses I’m retire when bills are pad by the 15th of the month I have
    very litter to go on I need a mentor to take me by the hand I learn better that way, a lot is going need help.
    Family and myself

  29. Wendy Galaviz says

    Hi Phil,
    I have been watching, reading and studying most of your u tube, training and book and I’m ready to do it. But I need a mentor to guide me, tell me what to do and consulting.

  30. Peter Roderick says

    Tank you Phil for giving to me all that you have so far. I am at a very low point in my life and this gives me great hope!

  31. Laura Rivera says

    Hi Phil,

    I saw your video, I agree it is very important to have a mentor. But how can I find one in my local area. Where do I start looking.

  32. monicaleon says

    I just got the tapes for training am a little bit afraid, but I know with the help I will get where I wan to be. Question where could i find all the right paper work for the purchase agreements. Where could i find a good private Lender? right now am a little lost nut am ready for any challenges that comes my way.God Bless

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Those in my Apprentice Program get access to all of the details they need to do deals. Otherwise, you can just take this business one step at a time, get contracts from a local attorney, network to find a private lender, etc.

  33. great video as usual, just out curiosity Brian Jackson how are you doing in the program?

  34. Richard Hunley says

    I was really looking forward to getting into Real Estate, thinking this is my ticket to financial freedom. However, I find myself yet again unable to come up with start up costs. I have nothing and am unable to follow or even partake in my life long dream.

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Don’t give up. A door will open up for you if you never give up.

      • John J Dasare says

        Have recently started this business in so much hardship but I can see that the future is bright. Phil has helped me a lot through this program. Don’t give up, you can still do it.

    • His Royal Majesty S says

      Richard…A Millionaire once told me, “Work Harder On Yourself Than You Work On Your Job.” Just like building muscle, the first 10 push-ups seem hard until they get easy. I set a goal to knock out a 1000 push ups with my hands on the 5th step from the bottom. I finished those in less than a month. Some days I was only able to get to do 10. Then other days I knocked out 25. One day I got a good rhythm going and completed 50. When I had reached 900 I was so excited to be close to the end of my goal that I completed 100 in one day and knocked out a few that were extra. My next 1000 will be between the 4th and 5th step…I started 28 July 2014 and knocked out 120 the first time out.

      I met a gentleman in 1977 in Los Angeles, who use to scan the paper for properties for sale and properties wanted. He, to my knowledge was otherwise unemployed. He would find what both parties wanted and offer to bring them together for a fee.

      I was in my successful business man attire [suit & tie, spit shined dress shoes] and ended up needing to go to emergency at County USC Medical Center, again in Los Angeles. I don’t remember what the issue was but I remember that I had attended a seminar where someone asked your question. The guru’s response was if you don’t have the money someone else does. Find someone with the money, but without the time. So during the examination, the Dr asked what did I do. Without one deal under my belt I said, I’m a real estate investor. The Dr began talking about the money he had that he had little time to spend or invest: he asked for my opinion on the types of properties he thought or had heard could be lucrative. I explained [as lawyers have been known to do – no I am not an attorney] that the exam room would certainly been needed for other patients so it would be best if he could provide me contact information to follow up with him. Noting a round figure as to what he had in mind and the type of property and return he was looking for.

      So as Phil replied DON’T GIVE UP…JUST BECOME MORE CREATIVE…one push up at a time. Good luck and God Bless You.

  35. SondraMorton says

    I really enjoyed the video. Yes, we have to start somewhere. And I know that my time to start is now… Right now!
    Thank you so much Phil. Your inspiration and motivation alone ensures me that I can really achieve my dreams of using my real estate investing to help so many people.

  36. I’ve heard it said often over the years that ‘Life is not a sprint, its a marathon’. That is certainly true… but wouldn’t you rather run DOWNhill? That is how I see having the right mentor in the right industry… and I believe I’ve finally found both. Thank you Phil.

  37. Thank you Phil, I agree with that I can become successful with a mentor. Thank you Phil, Lance.

  38. Trina Taplin says

    The one thing that inspires me to reach my goal of becoming a full time real estate investor is the fact that no matter what your back ground is or how many past failures you have, real estate is a vehicle by which any of us can achieve true financial freedom, while helping others in the process!

    Thanks for your passion to assist others in achieving their dreams Phil!

  39. BrianJackson says

    I just accepted an invitation to join Phil’s mentorship program, I am so excited to start, I can’t wait to blow this thing out of the water!

  40. Anthony Price says

    The past does not equal the future”

    Well put phil

  41. I strongly believe if your going to do real estate investing Phil’s program is the only way to go

  42. I agree. We have to start somewhere in real estate, and it’s true that some people begin with a certain level in their real estate careers. Great stuff !

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