How to Focus on the Money Makers

In this video, you'll discover how to more productive in your real estate investing endeavors by focusing on the money making deals and avoiding the time wasting deals.

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  1. Kasimiro leg says

    I see a houses for sale, but how do I do it?

  2. Hi Phil, love your videos they are very helpful. I would like your advice, I have my primary residence worth $280K paid in full. I am 37 years old and am wondering if I should sell it in order to invest. I had rental property durind the down economy which did not do so well and have become a little afraid to invest. However, I feel I can benefit from selling my home and cashing out. Any advice?

  3. Thanks Phil! I always get a lot out of your material.

  4. kookokhajeehabibi says

    show me the munney.

  5. I started in real estate in January of this year. Making some money but need to organize better. You have been a big help. Thank you so much.

  6. wow.
    nice subject…
    Productivity vs Activity…I like this.
    I want to be Productive…and not simply busy work…
    I got it..
    trim the fat…
    Which Deal is going to CLOSE FIRST…got it….
    Make it happen…like Nike…” Just Do It ! “..
    I love it.

  7. Hi Phil, Thank you for the effort n your lectures are just awesome, I live in a place of third class citizens but in a big city, According to the knowledge I ‘ve from you I want to start doing single houses but I don ‘t know where I ‘ll start for my first deal…. Any advice will really help me to move ahead, (I have no cash to buy the first house) God bless Phil.

    move to the action.

  8. Aubreylanier says

    What wrong with tax sale investing


  10. i just started reading your book, i wanna you to explain RENT TO OWN AND CONTRACT

    for example, i bought a property for 30,000 and i renovate it and sell it for 450,000, if i apply the principle for RENT TO OWN, i will see which tenants comes with high downpayment and i will sign the deal with, for example the tenant agrees to pay 20,000 and other 250,000 will be monthly payment,

    my question is how will i cope with my loan? did i will allow that particular tenant to pay off the loan or what?

    also, the same above story but now applies to CONTRACT principles, explain that to me …..

    god bless you and make you a hero for the globe…

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      It’s as simple as this…
      You are leasing the property to a tenant (rental agreement).
      Also, for an upfront fee, you are providing the Tenant with an Option to purchase your property (option agreement)
      The are Renting the property with the Option to buy it.
      If you would like, you can offer rent credits, whereby each month that they pay their rent on time, a portion of the monthly payment is a rent credit towards their overall purchase price.

  11. how can i get that softwere Epartner Software?

  12. Marcus Nix says

    The thing I need most to implement this technique is a Mentor. I want to be able to organize my deals properly and it sounds like this Epartner Software is what will help extensively with that. I assume i Need to partner with someone in your group to do that right? I want in!

  13. Phil;

    Thanks, for the fastest route to money, I need to do the best deals only!



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