Long Distance Deals

How to get long distance deals done so you can invest in real estate anywhere you want from the comfort of your home office.

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  1. Tracey M Manning says

    I tried it before but didnt have the in and outs. Lookingfor the road map to success.t

  2. Mattie Harrison says

    my name is Mattie I`am 76 years old. Iwalk with a walker I`ve bought lots of real estate books and read them but I haven`t done a deal yet .and I`am dead broke .I`am tired of being broke .what I need is someone to teach me how to do one deal . I will be willing to give up part of the money just learn to do deals from home and after then iwill need a couch . so Phil, tell me what you think.

  3. I am having a hard time coming up with earnest money. I don’t have EMD to pay upfront out of my own pocket, nor do I family and friends to turn to either. I don’t know what other options there are to get large earnest money deposit.

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      You should be providing $10 in earnest money, max. Your issue of providing larger EMD is symptomatic of a bigger problem…working on the wrong deals.

  4. John Leach says

    will someone call me , I am wait for that call, I need help with a deal,and show me how.please call

  5. Gene Poston says

    Hello mentor, I am confused.if I am starting out as real este wholesaler,who should I partner up with a real estate agent or a realtor to help me find deals?

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Neither. You should learn how to find deal before the deal ever finds its way to a real estate agent. I spend a good portion of my time coming up with new ideas and testing those ideas on how to generate motivated seller leads in ways no one else is doing. It is the MOST important part of being a wholesaler…finding great deals. And the reason why so many wholesalers never make a dime is they don’t know how to find the deals and beat their competition. I only reveal my top secret tactics to the people I personally train and mentor.

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