LIVE Motivated Seller Calls

How would you like to hear how I talk to motivated sellers? Well today's your lucky day.  Below, you can eavesdrop on a few conversations I had with some motivated sellers. Enjoy!


  1. Phil is it conceivable that a motivated seller would be willing to stay on the loan until I closed/wholesale the deal?

  2. Cornelius Baker says

    Thank you, Phil!
    This is the type of training that is so critical and yet so sparse in so many programs…even the one with “high-level content.”
    One of the key ingredients mentors withhold from their proteges- listening to them actually doing it!

  3. Yudah ganz says

    Thanks so much!

  4. Jaime Armenta says


    Could you tell us what threshold do you follow in order to know a deal will not work? Is it simply a matter of whether the borrower is upside down on the mortgage or is it more of a question concerning market values compared to what is owed on the mortgage?

  5. Jeffrey Cole says

    wow, i learn a lot from this clip, Thanks Phil

  6. Jonas Avalos says

    This is really helpful!

  7. Nur Mohamed says

    Good jobs

  8. Thank you

  9. Vivien Davenport says

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I really felt these folks desperation of just wanting to “get out”, and their gratitude for your help. You really are providing a service that is greatly needed. The things that compel people to get out of situations quickly can not be counted in dollars and cents. You could be saving someones credit, job, family, future, marriage, sanity, or life. Thank you.

  10. Thomas Costner says

    Thank you , for showing me how to talk to motivated sellers, very inspritritional. I am currently taking classes for real estate, provisional license.You have taught me very good techniques .I attend to use these ideas once i get my foot in the door ,I have been learning many advantages and dis advantages to selling real estate, I am currently a hvac technican epa certified and do basic electrically plumbing,carpetry ,drywall,and painting. I know i can save myself lots of money, just doing my own repairs as i have done in my mobile homes. The rental market in nc is very well here, and houses are very reasonable here. i do rent a couple of mobile homes, and have flipped them as well.

    sincerenly Thomas Costner

  11. Eduardo tinoco says

    Phil.. I thank God for your life, God spoke to me on this video, I’m a real estate agent for only a couple of months and yesterday on my first deal my Brooker told me that the deal dropped from scrow and I was feeling bad all day yesterday, this morning by the grace of God i open your email and some how i open this video,
    all i can say is that God is using you On mysterious ways, God Bless you and your family…,
    i will like to be part of your students, can you tell me how? Thank you.

  12. Angela Kelley says

    Great information

  13. Brian Huber says

    Hi, thanks so much for posting these.

  14. Catherine T Murray says

    amazing conversations. Phil you are very patient, consistant in questions and polite. I will take your course in the near future. thank you for letting me listen in,I learned alot.

  15. Jerlean Tinsley says


    I have a situation with a seller who has condo that FSBO she want what she own to the bank. I am consider assuming the loan with the bank that hold the mortgage. My plan is put it back on the market. Can you tell me what other option you consider?

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Without more information, it is not a good idea for me to give you a recommendation.

      • Hi Phil, I was trying to hear the live call with the motivated seller, but their is no video for it. Under the menu section when I clink live call with motivated seller the link is blank, any work around? I learn a great deal from you and I enjoy the information you provide.
        Thank you

  16. Yvonne Starks says

    Thank You!!! Every thing you said was very helpful!! Thank You again

  17. HapsaiGeorge says

    Thanks a lot ……..

  18. Josh Winsett says

    That first call… unbelievable. I mean I almost can’t believe it happened.

    • Josh Winsett says

      I mean… Amazing. I’m a confident guy on the phone, I’m pretty sure I can lead sellers to answer relevant questions… but Wow. Good Stuff.

  19. Phil,
    This is GREAT! I can heard the motivated owner on the first call, had a difficult time hearing your associate on the first call. All the other call samples were FANTASTIC!!!! This is the reason why I just LOVE your team! YOU ROCK!!!

  20. What is E-Partner?
    E-Partner- How are you using it to plug in ?
    is E-Partner a program you use? How do i use it?

  21. Questions?
    For the first call; How did Phil get the home owner out of fore closer? Who did he sell to? How did the selling process work for that deal? ex: Phil got them to sign over the deed and a investor-contractor bought the house cash? A buyer took out a loan for the remaining balance or took over payments?
    Please someone help!

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Those calls were taken from a sample of really good examples of calls and how they should go. But there have been so many deals over the years that remembering the particulars on those is quite difficult.

  22. This is awsome! Really helped. Would the conversation be similar if you get in touch with an abandoned home homeowner?

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Absolutely. In fact, it would be identical. You want to treat every call with a seller the exact same way.

  23. I can’t play the calls on my phone. No issues with any other info you have sent me. Is there another way i could listen to these calls?

    I have a meeting with my first owner finance property in a couple of weeks & would really like to hear your examples beforehand.


  24. I don’t see that you actually answered the lady’s questions directly. Maybe you did that in another call later, or face to face when you went to the home, but I’m sorry to say that I didn’t hear you answer her questions fully in this audio clip. I did not find this Live call to be helpful.

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Perhaps there is a reason why the call was handled that way. Perhaps your astute attention to detail, as opposed to interpreting as unhelpful, could reveal a very helpful strategy when talking to sellers.

  25. I like your patience with the caller and you letting them talk. the calls helped me to know patience is a virtue.

  26. Jeffrey Smith says

    Even when the property doesn’t fit your investment criteria, it may fit someone else’s for a quick flip or maybe just a referral fee. That’s why you should have a strong database of wholesale buyers with their buying criteria.

    • Thanks for these recordings. They are very informative and confidence boosting. I really liked the fact that most of the callers sounded like they really needed to be helped. Makes for a good basis for a business.

      • Dan Nolan says

        Wow! your empathetic approach is so disarming yet so effective in gathering information. An aha revelation and great confidence builder. I can relate and hope to duplicate. Thank you!

  27. RALPH.H@AOL.COM says

    This has been the most information on this subject , that being said you have given me more confidence just by listening to the process. Thankyou.

  28. says

    Is there checklist or something simular that I can use when asking these questions to insure that I get the correct information so that I’m not having to disturb the client more then I have to with phone calls or emails?

  29. gary britton says


    Thanks for showing me how it is done. I saw , heard that you have to be thorough, patient, kind and also inquisitive

    have to ask the right questions to see if they are motivated sellers and see if the numbers are good for us and for them, I need to ask the right questions, I noticed you have to be a good listener, and let the people talk.


    • Can you give us recent motivated sellers on deals you actually did? Then give the specifics of the deal for wholesaling. Thanks…

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