Glimpse of the Freedom Lifestyle

Here's a quick look at what the Freedom Lifestyle looks like.

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  1. Really nice to see someone in the world taking time to help others find success. You seem like a pretty awesome guy Phil, good job.

  2. Sergeant,
    My heart goes out to you. You have nothing to worry about. The past does not determine your future. You are in a better position now than before to improve & get the best quality of life. The reply to you by Frank/upper NY mentioning Solomon, caught my attention. Immediately, I went to my bedroom, where I have 2 bookshelves of currently read books,& looked for my books on finances, both practical & spiritual. And there I saw my book, entitled The Richest Man Who Ever Lived(expanded edition), by Steven K. Scott. Get hold of this book, & immerse yourself in stillness & quietness, as you meditate on the powerful WORDS OF WISDOM. In the book you will find financial wisdom nuggets that the author mentioned. Don’t just read them, digest them, absorb them, and you will find that as you feed on them, slowly but surely they will manifest in the natural, and you will see the truth about these words (from Proverbs, Psalms, etc.) come into reality before your eyes. You will see it, when you believe it. You only need to “believe”, and you will “receive”. You need to call out the unseen (what you want to accomplish, or the dream goal), instead of looking at the seen (the problem, or the obstacles). Cultivate a deep hunger for the extraordinary, & you will see it come to pass, bcoz you will be taking the unusual steps you’ve never taken before, to attain the dream you have wanted to materialize. According to the book of Romans 4, “Call those things that be not, as though they were”. You have to visualize that what you mean to accomplish is already done. It’s in the power of your tongue. You just need to say it with your lips, that your goal has started to happen. This is the “decree & declare” buzzword so to speak, to make your goals established.
    Always remember, you are to: “BELIEVE & RECEIVE, DECREE & DECLARE”.
    You are on the right track.
    May the Word of the Lord, be the lamp of your feet, & the light of your path. This is your GPS (God’s Positioning System.)
    In any challenge, Call on him, & he will direct your steps.
    The steps of a righteous man are ordered.
    Peace Be With You. You will be victirious!

  3. Thank you Phil!!!!! Love it I’m motivated more,after This beautiful view.

  4. Cliff Fung says

    Enjoy your holiday with family


  5. Cory Brearley says

    Awesome, Phil! enjoy it! I had a question. Being as broke as i am but motivated to get my real estate career kicked off with a deal, what are your quick thoughts pertaining to Transactional Funding? I’ve been thinking of considering that because even motivated people tend to shy away from selling under contract.

  6. How do I get started please help would love to have free life style

  7. William Nancolas says

    Wow that’s funny Phil my wife and drove past the turnoff to that on our way to and from idaho about 2 weeks when we went for her 5 day work shop, i laughed when i saw the sign about snow skiing thought it was a joke lol, well now i know it was real haha.

  8. Phil, that is So awesome. I plan to live that life soon.

  9. My business partner and I love the book. I’ve invested in real estate before and had a shady mentor. Thanks for going over that in your video. We are looking forward to using your strategies in 2015. Please come to Greensboro,NC is you ever do seminars.

  10. denny patton says

    wow, I’m so jealous, its been 20 years since i was in the mountains skiing. ! the air is so great there, and with the sun its not that cold. Im in south florida , not too far from where you live currently i understand., and would love to get started making more money to be able to afford more trips.
    I own a home , not outright, and i need to read your book, but my question is, For a first time buyer of investment property, is a condo or single family or duplex better. ? Or are there too many variables to simplify it like that ?
    I;m talking in terms of a rental property.

    thanks, denny in no snow florida….lake worth

  11. First Sergeant Candi O. Belle USA-ret. says

    After returning from Iraq and the Afghanistan wars, I came home to a complete disaster. My previous wife had power of attorney of course, however, my 300k home was gone in foreclosure, furniture gone, 401k emptied from 109k to 963 dollars, and she wanted to live an ‘alternative lifestyle ” according to the note left on the refrigerator. This happened 07 Dec 2008@ 09:32AM. It was a ‘Monday”. Ever since I have been trying to rebound. I was able to achieve a BS and a MBA, now completing a PhD, and 32 years with the Marines, Navy, and Army. It’s still an emotional challenge, and remarriage is currently out of the question.
    I am glad you are doing well, I cannot even fathom what that is like to ski on a weekend. Is that really possible for a person like me to achieve what u have? Sometimes the reality is so painful.
    -Sergeant Belle, Atlanta, Georgia.

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      It is possible. My heart goes out to you Sir. Thank you so much for your service to our country and to our freedom. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. You can re-build.

    • Frank B/ upstate NY says


      Really….you have a BS and a MBA, now completing a PhD, and 32 years with the Marines, Navy, and Army? There is nothing that you can’t accomplish…you’ve already proven that.

      Suggestion….as Phil would certainly attest to…..”start to read about Solomon” in the Bible…draw strength from the richest and most venerated human that has ever “walked the Earth”,…..or ever will. His wealth was matched only by his wisdom.

      God Bless too…hope I’m worthy of meeting you sir in heaven one day.

  12. Andrew Zimmerman says

    Now that is a lot of snow.

  13. I’m a long away form that Brother! but thanks.

  14. how do i put a seller under contract?

  15. Kareem ramkhew says

    Phil I need help big time I need to find sellers I’m in NYC the craglist thing doesn’t work at all bandit signs don’t work nothing I please help

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Myself, my coaching staff and my top students, combined, spend hundred of thousands each year to test out new ways to generate quality motivated seller leads. That wisdom is among the most expensive to acquire and it is always a moving target. We share what we glean from those tests with our apprentices only. If you would like, apply for my apprentice program.

  16. Bravo to you and your family! Enjoy the scenery and the activities. I am looking forward to viewing scenery of that nature and also scenery in the Caribbean. Hope to soon join your team. Thanks


  17. Phil you are the number one, this video it’s hilarious!

  18. hi phil, I orderd you realestate profit maker kit. but I didn’t upgrade yet to see other house’s. I’m more interested in flipping house, and I need to know if I can borrow and how much time does someone one has. I have a credit score 565, but im working on it.

  19. Johnny Rodriguez says

    Thank you for all the info


  21. can you be my mentor? i am in central america

  22. hi Phil, i hope you respond to my question, and is this, i have a seller that can sell his 100k apartment to me using the subject to option, but he already pay the half of the apartment, so, how can i get the other half ( $50,000) and still have the postive cash flow?

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      I don’t understand the, “…but he already pay the half of the apartment..” part. Are you saying that the Seller only owes $50,000 but he wants $100,000, so where do you come up with the other $50,000? If that is your question, the answer is that you would ask the seller to owner finance that $50,000 overtime with a low enough payment that you can cash flow.

  23. Hey! I get it, I get so sick of waking up every morning going to the same job year after year. I truly know what insanity is and I just want to change all of this, because I’ve been getting the same results whether I work 40 hours overtime every week and I am still not financially free. I feel that your program is my vehicle to get out of this and live my life on my terms. Your book has change my life forever. I wonder will I be able to ever sleep through the night again. I totally admire Sir, and hope I will meet you some day… Truly F. Thomas

  24. Hi Phil, I’m a fan of your work, really in need of a mentor and I’m confused a lil about how to find motivated sellers, and getting contracts to close deals, and also using no money to get these deals no, I’m half way in your book, but I have real estate agent who is my uncle, who gave me a run down, saying your method is a 1% chance method, but I beg to differ, and i would be highly appreciate of your response

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Your uncle is correct in that this is a small percentage of the overall real estate industry. The majority of sales are done through a traditional real estate agent and the sellers are not in a distressed situation. But just because it is a small percentage of the overall market doesn’t mean it isn’t extremely profitable.

  25. Awesome view!

  26. k. rene says

    How do I get a motivated seller to agree to turning a property that he is motivated to sell into a rent to own deal? That’s all I need to understand and I can go make it happen…

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      That’s all you need, huh?
      You may be surprised how much more you will need to know besides just that to make it happen.
      I was, and so isn’t everyone of my students.
      There are depths, layers, of knowledge required to be successful.
      Some things are simple to spot, such as the concept you are asking about.
      But others are more hidden and don’t reveal themselves until you are in the midst of a deal.

    • Kebreab Ghebreselasie says

      You are great and blessed.

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