Step 1: Connect




Targeted Lists


Targeted Lists Links

PropStream: Every kind of contact record you can think of along with a way to find their contact information.



Driving for Dollars


Driving for Dollars Links

PropStream: Every kind of contact record you can think of along with a way to find their contact information.

NETRonline: Links to the public records of every county in the US. Click the "Public Records Online" in the top nav bar.

People Search Now: Provides phone numbers, emails, addresses and other data about people. Not 100% perfect, but the best for the price.



Outbound Dialing


Outbound Dialing Links

PropStream: Every kind of contact record you can think of along with a way to find their contact information.

Craigslist: Go to Housing >> Real Estate For Sale and then select "owner" so that only For Sale By Owner postings show up, as opposed to postings by real estate agents. A site that for sale by owners post their property for sale. Another site that for sale by owners post their property for sale. Another site that for sale by owners post their property for sale. Search for homes that are For Sale by Owner. Search for homes that are For Sale by Owner.

SuperCharge Your Outbound Dialing

PhoneBurner: PowerDial through 3 times as many leads in the same amount of time with this powerdialer software.




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  1. Eldushawn Parker says

    The R.A.P method is great for this!!! Thank you so much keep up the great work!

  2. Marie Sneed says

    You are straight forward on how to become a Creative Investor, I appreciated your time and coaching approached.
    I thank you and will looking forward to go to Step two!

  3. My wife has a cousin in Arizona who is a RealEstate Agent. We live in Colorado. Can this person in Arizona be of help to us in Colorado as far as getting accsess to the MLS.

    • Freedom Mentor says

      No, MLS access is not nationwide or even statewide. Creating a mutually beneficial relationship with an agent in your area would be best.

  4. Dmark gonzalez says

    This app is great! Keep doing this.

  5. turquoise hodge says

    is it illegal to be a wholesaler and real estate agent at the same time?

    • Freedom Mentor says

      You can be a licensed agent and also buy and sell investment real estate for yourself. Just disclose when you are doing the latter.

  6. Kyle J. Hall says

    Thank you for this info. Hopefully I can interpret and make it work to my advantage.

  7. Marie Williamson says

    Can I learn real estate and get a licences without going into a classroom.

  8. Melchor Rabay says

    Keep doing what you are doing ,it really inspires me ,and I want to be part of this journey opportunity.

  9. Adebayo adeyinka ojo says

    Thus is my first time of hearing this, I think this will be useful and helpful for those who needs assistance like me

  10. Rehase Meakebay says

    This is really interesting

  11. James gardner says

    Greetings. I have a house that I inherited. It has a reverse mortgage on it that is under market value and I was Thinking of selling it and also need to probate the will as I am the executor and heir.

  12. reginald roberts says

    i am ready

  13. Maria Dilmore says

    I am so thankful for the introduction of the deal program looks like this is where I need to start, is there a possibility of giving leads to your apprentice, I may have one already you can look into I have seen the inside if the house it needs major work but the land it sits on is beautiful I spoke with the person already and he let me go inside and look he is selling the house for 80,000 and on the sight is said no lose ballers lol I will have to get the number and speak with his brother who is the seller… Would any if your apprentices be interested…?

    • Freedom Mentor says

      Consider expanding your real estate investing education so you are able to do these deals when the opportunity presents itself.

  14. johnathan mcginnis says

    Cool! Earn while you learn. I love it.

  15. Linda Wright says

    Thank you much.

  16. Linda Wright says

    Thank you for talking to me and showing me the ropes on how to flip these houses.

  17. William Prevost says

    Something came to mind when I was watching the targeted listing video. Is there a way to tell if another investor has contacted a preforeclosure or is that I just find out from talking to owner/seller?

    My employment has me already accustomed to slamming doors, dogs and standoffish people. I am a Customer Account Rep for Rent a Center which has home visit collections as part of the job.

  18. ElizabethCaudle-Herrin says

    Hi, Phil, this newbie is curious to know when will I know I have THE birddog product for the investor? I call your number and say, “I have found a motivated seller”, name, address, phone, motivation –how much more information do I need to have to have the actual product the investor will want? And is this when the investor will call me back and we have a mesh/fit? I’m so eager to make us all some money. Thanks

  19. AdriannePowell says

    Phil, hello, I just wondered if there are ever any situations where the seller could become the tenant and stay in the house?

  20. JasmineCaldwell says

    So Phil, I’ve been out driving and I’m coming across these houses with signs in the front that say “Notice to Destroy Weeds”, I looked it up and basically it’s an ordinance by the city to have the weeds cleared and a weed lien put on the property if so needed to clear it because weeds are considered, in this area, a nuisance to the community. My question is, then, would this generally be something to look into? Would homes like these normally elude to abandonment or perhaps a motivated seller? Just wondering out of curiosity.

  21. Ricky Ramos says

    Im 17 don’t you think every time I go door knocking asking for info people are gonna question what I’m doing and not be willing to give me the info I need just because I’m super young.

  22. Why can’t we sell leads that are new and not at least a couple months old?

  23. I wanna try to make a business card at but I don’t know what to put on it. here are the questions

    *Company Name –
    *Company Message –
    *Full Name – I got this
    *Job title –
    *Address Line 1- I have no address because I just live to my apartment
    *Phone # – I got this
    *Email – I got this
    *Web – doesn’t have one

    Thank You Phil

  24. EricVolkers says

    Phil can I be a deal finder for your apprentices if you don’t approve me to be one? Also how about calling probate attorneys do you think that is productive?

    • Phil Pustejovsky says

      Dealing with attorneys in general is tough. I recall an investor who was cold calling probate attorneys and got slapped with a lawsuit for cold calling without permission. It cost him $6,000 to settle the suit out of court. I would steer clear of prospecting for leads by dialing a bunch of attorneys.

  25. Great information and more motivation to work with.

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