How We Do What We Do

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STEP 1: Joel's Million Dollar Story


Joel's first half million dollars with Freedom Mentor


Joel's second half million dollars


STEP 2: How We Do What We Do


This is how we produce such extraordinary results


STEP 3: Inside Look at our Apprentice Program


Experience Live Mentoring Call with Phil


How our Apprentice program works


STEP 4: Real Deals


Detailed case studies of Apprentices' deals complete with closing statements


STEP 5: Powerful Advice


Phil's University of Central Florida lecture on buying real estate without cash or credit Article "The Most Powerful Advice Entrepreneurs Ignore"


Taking Charge of Your Own Financial Destiny


3 Reasons Why You Need a Business


BONUS: Mastery 2021 Live Event!


Phil Pustejovsky's legendary annual live event, only open to his Apprentices


BONUS: Determine Your Investor IQ


Take this quick test to determine your investor IQ: Determine Your Investor IQ