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Real Estate Mentor Phil Pustejovsky Reveals His Secret to Success

Welcome to Freedom Mentor, led by the nation's premier real estate mentor, Phil Pustejovsky and recognized as one of the leading real estate investing mentoring programs in the industry. Made famous by a bold and daring profit arrangement, Phil and the Freedom Mentor team put their money where their mouth is by mentoring and coaching real estate investors and making their money by sharing in the profits of the deals with their students 50/50. This is extremely unique in the world of real estate investing education. It creates a special relationship where both the real estate mentor and the mentee both have "skin in the game" and aligned interests. When the student succeeds, the teacher succeeds as well. And over the past 10 years, this approach has produced extraordinary results.

Starting from very humble beginnings, even going homeless and living out of his truck for a short time, Phil went on to become an extremely successful real estate investor with the help of a mentor. Through the tutelage of his real estate coach, Phil was eventually able to live the life of freedom he always wanted, moving to a waterfront mansion in Florida. But rather than rest on all his personal success, Phil wanted to do more deals across the country and to help others achieve what he had accomplished. So he began mentoring and coaching other investors and sharing in the profits with them 50/50, much like his mentor did for him. The company name "Freedom Mentor" embodies his secret to success as well as his goal for each person he mentors. His secret to success is to have the right mentor and his goal for each person him and his team coaches is to live a life of freedom.

At the urging of many fans, Phil recently wrote a book, "How to be a Real Estate Investor" which has now become a #1 best seller on Amazon and is regarded as one of the best real estate books in print. Phil will email you a free copy of his book here on this page or you can go to Amazon and buy a hard copy or the Audible audio version. It is a must read for anyone who aspires to be, or is already, a real estate investor.

If you are interested in how you could have Phil Pustejovsky be your real estate mentor, apply for his Apprentice Program. And while you are waiting to see if you will qualify for the mentoring program, you can learn more about real estate investing from the Free Trainings and stay on the cutting edge of what's new in the Freedom Mentor Blog. Also, feel free to Connect with Phil: